Working with Sticky Dough

Sometimes it is necessary to prepare wet & sticky dough recipes with the use of additional flour. Dough EZ® Greatly reduces or eliminates the use of excessive flour from the rolling process.

Fast, EZ, Mess Free way to prepare your favorite recipes Dough EZ® This is How We Roll


Here are some tips and techniques that we suggest for working with wetter or stickier dough recipes.

Doughs that use a high fat to flour ratio have a tendency to be wetter or stickier to work with. These recipes typically stick to the sides of the bowl during preparation and often suggest prior refrigeration before roll out. Depending on your recipe residual sticking may occur during the initial roll out. It should cease during re-rolling process. You should be able to re roll your dough, numerous times with out having issues that normally take place when you use excessive flour in the process.

To remedy this, take scraps and run them across the mat and it will pick up these little pieces. If your recipe is extremely sticky or extensive sticking of dough to the mat occurs, then add a small dusting of flour to the mat at the beginning of the rolling process or as needed.
Try the following suggestions, should your recipe recommend being chilled.

  • Place dough to be chilled in cellophane or large plastic bag.
  • Flatten within the bag to 1/2″ in thickness for EZ storage.
  • Use smaller piece of dough to start out with
  • Lightly Flour surface of mat and or dough
  • Use mat cover and light pressure to roll out dough to desired thickness. Intermittently peel back mat to readjust or to see if sticking is occurring.

Work with smaller amounts of dough at 1st. Play around with your recipe and Dough EZ rolling system.

Roll dough to perfect thickness for evenly baked goods.

Peel back cover of mat very slowly. The cover is almost flush with itself when peeling back. See photo above
Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the dough then recover with mat lid and flip over so that your dough will now be sitting on top of mat and parchment when you peel back mat cover.
Stamp out shapes and remove excess dough.
Slide cut out shapes that are resting on parchment paper, directly to baking sheet.
Combine excess scraps of dough to reroll and repeat process above.




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