9″ DoughEZ® Silicone Glass Bottom Square Spring Form Pan


Bakeware for the Modern Kitchen

  • Non-Stick, Silicone Mold
  • Tempered, Scratch Resistant Glass Bottom
  • Oven, Dishwasher, Refrigerator & Microwave Safe
  • Temperature Resistant from -40° to 450°F
  • FDA Food Safe Compliant
  • BPA free

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Flexible silicone 9″ square spring form pan with removable side walls. Easily unmold the silicone rim to cut and serve on the tempered glass bottom. No side walls ensure the first slice is always perfect, making it great for brownies, cakes and sweet or savory desserts. Easily remove cakes without ruining its shape. Flexible, Non-Stick for easy unmolding by taking off the silicone ring.

  • SPECIAL DESIGN, QUALITY RESULTS: Our 9 x 9-Inch Square Silicone Non-Stick Glass Bottom Springform Pan by DoughEZ is specially designed to deliver high-quality results every time you bake. It boasts a superior joint seal between the base and sides for less chance of leaking. The ring attachment is made from a flexible non-stick silicone allowing for easy separation and no side walls mean the first slice is always perfect.
  • TEMPERED, SCRATCH RESISTANT GLASS BASE: This Square Silicone Bottom Springform Pan features a sturdy glass bottom that doesn’t scratch and allows for transporting directly to the table for serving. Its tempered bottom bakes evenly, so you won’t have to worry about soggy and unevenly cooked crusts and cakes. Perfect for brownies, casseroles, layer cakes and more.
  • PERFECT CAKES WITH LESS MESS: High-quality silicone means cakes stick less. This allows you to cook more attractive cakes that make for quick and easy clean up every time. With this convenient non-stick pan, you eliminate the mess and need for extra calories by eliminating the use of butter, oil and flour.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, SAFE MATERIALS: Our Square Springform Pan is made with a durable and reliable non-stick silicone surface that is FDA food compliant and BPA free. Use it over and over again as it’s oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe that can withstand temperatures -40° to 450° F.   Because this pan is made with a flexible silicone, it allows for easy storage and takes up less space than your average metal pan.
  • FREE RECIPE eBOOK: Receive a FREE Recipe eBook with the purchase of any of our DoughEZ Bakeware Products.  Enjoy 15 of our favorite sweet and savory DoughEZ recipes, including sugar cookie dough, apple pie, pizza dough, empanadas, cinnamon rolls and more! Learn to prepare your favorite pastries like a pro, with no fuss and less mess.


The 9 x 9-Inch Square Springform Pan by DoughEz is the ideal mold for easily preparing and serving all sweet and savory cakes and treats. Crusts come out perfect every time since the tempered, scratch resistant glass base evenly browns without burning.

Easily remove desserts without ruining its shape! Made of flexible, non-stick, silicone, this pan allows for easy unmolding and because there are no side walls results are always perfect, making it great for brownies, casseroles, layer cakes and more.

At DoughEz our mission is to provide bakeware for the modern kitchen.  Our full line of baking products are all made from the same high-tech materials and work in unison to make your baking experience better than ever before.

Our passion is to provide quality kitchen tools that have simple designs, yet function in the most efficient way.  Whether you are a professional cook or a beginning baker, we’ve taken the stress and mess out of preparing your favorite recipes.


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