Pizza Dough Recipe by DoughEZ

Meals are better when made from scratch and even when they’re pizza! Whether you’re a plain Jane and like cheese and pepperoni, or you like to send your taste buds on a little adventure with an apple pie or Nutella dessert style pizza, instead of ordering take-out for the fourth night in a row, impress yourself with this EZ pizza dough recipe.

The best thing about this recipe? While you’re getting a quick ten minute arm workout in from all the kneading, you won’t be messy and sticky with help from Dough EZ. Once that’s over and you let the yeast do its thing, use the circle guides on your Dough EZ mat to roll the dough out to the desired pizza size. Follow the recipe below for a quick and EZ pizza dough, perfect for all of your favorite toppings.

The next step to making the best pizza ever is the sauce. Once you’ve dominated that dough, throw some tomato or bechamel sauce on it and start creating your pizza!

Last, but not least, pile on those meats, veggies, and cheeses you love so very much to make the best pizza pie. Remember, there’s never a limit to the topping combinations for a pizza. What are your favorite pizza toppings? No matter how plain or complex your recipe, we want to know so we can share the tastiness with the rest of the world! That is how we roll!

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