Lemon Blueberry Scones Recipe by DoughEZ

My favorite pastry for breakfast has to be a scone. There are just so many varieties of scones out there to tantalize my taste buds and put me in the mood for the season. It’s safe to say this lemon-blueberry combination is literally summer in a scone. Perfect to pair with morning coffee or tea, a tall glass of milk, or even a refreshing lemonade. I’ll even mix it up by adding other seasonal fruits like strawberries and raspberries for a additional refreshing summer flavors.

The best thing about scones? Well for one, there are endless recipes and flavor combinations to choose from. More importantly, though, they’re quick to make, so you’re not spending the whole day slaving away by the stove. Now if only there were an even easier and faster way to make a batch of these… Hold on a second. There is a way to do that…Dough EZ! All of your favorite scone recipes have just gotten better. When you use Dough EZ, a dough rolling mat, and it’s guide sticks, never worry about making the scones too thin or different sizes. On top of that, the non-stick mat will avoid a huge floury mess for you to clean up later!

Click for Recipe: Lemon Blueberry Scones

Try making all of your favorite scone flavors for the summer with the help of Dough EZ. Don’t forget to share the recipes so we can make them EZ-er! This is how we roll!

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