How to Bake Scrumptious Chewy Cookies

Chewy Cookie Tips

Nothing compares to the sweet pleasure of chewy cookies and a cup of coffee while you are deeply engrossed in a thrilling novel outside on the porch. Have you ever wondered why it is that sometimes the cookies that you bake turn out soft and other times they are too crunchy? Whilst there are subtle variations in every recipe that you try to bake soft cookies, you will have to follow these main steps in order to prepare a delicious batch of cookies. Here’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe and a sugar cookie recipe you can try out and use some of these tips to get just the right amount of chewy for you.

Moisture is the Key

The fundamental thing that you need to take care of is moisture if you are wondering how to bake chewy cookies. Moisture makes all the difference between crispy crunchy cookies and soft chewy ones. How do you achieve that? Well, the idea is that you take them out of the oven before the moisture escapes from the middle. This means that the baking time will be reduced.

More Egg Yolk than Egg White

Usually, the cookie recipes require eggs. But if you want to know how to bake chewy cookies, then you will have to make slight changes. Instead of using the eggs wholly, remove one of the egg whites. The reason behind this is that egg white dry more swiftly while baking. Consequently, the much needed moisture evaporates along with the whites. Therefore, it is a great idea to use more egg yolks than egg whites.

Use More Brown Sugar Because of Molasses

Of course sugar is a common ingredient to all types of cookies. But in order to prepare a batch of fresh moist and soft cookies, use more brown sugar as a sweetener rather than white sugar. So, if a recipe calls out for two cups of white sugar, you must only add half a cup of white sugar and one and a half cups of brown sugar. This is because brown sugar contains molasses which contains 10% water so quite naturally, the evaporation will be slowed down.

Add a Tablespoon of Corn Syrup or Honey

Apart from using brown sugar, you may also use a tablespoon of honey or corn syrup in the recipe. The primary logic behind this is that all of these ingredients are composed of fructose. It is known that fructose is a sugar that attracts and traps moisture present in the air. If you do not use molasses, corn syrup or honey in the recipe, your cookies will harden and become firm and crispy just a few hours after they are placed outside the oven.

Swap Baking Soda with Baking Powder

One of the most important things to bear in mind when baking soft and chewy cookies is that baking powder has less acidic content in them than baking powder which results in cookies that are soft but thicker.

Use Shortening Instead of Butter

Shortening requires a higher temperature to melt. Therefore, it provides the cookie batter to rise and lock the moisture inside. There is butter flavored shortening available in the market that you may use. You may also modify the recipe you are using in a way that uses half part shortening and half part butter.

Roll Even Cookies with your DoughEZ Rolling Mat

Get out your DoughEZ dough mat and guide sticks, set it up according to the thickness you prefer to guarantee all cookies are the same thickness and equally chewy. For chewy cookies a little thicker is always better so they don’t get over done.


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