Homemade Tortilla Recipe by DoughEZ

Here’s the scenario: Your girlfriends are having a potluck party. The rules are to make your favorite dish, but here’s the twist: Everything has to be homemade. Yes. Everything. Of course you choose to make those shrimp tacos the girls are always drooling over, but you’ve always bought the tortillas at the store. You’ve never even thought to make your own tortillas and now is not the time to let a room of hungry ladies down. This is your time to shine. Everyone knows you’re an amazing cook, but deep down, you know this isn’t going to be easy. You find yourself standing in the kitchen, staring at all the ingredients, your mind asking an endless list of questions: Will the tortillas rip? Are they going to be too thin? Too thick? Are they all going to be the same size? Will the dough be cooked too much? Too little? How am I going to do this?!

Everything will be okay, I promise. Here’s what you need to do:

1.) Take a deep breath,

2.) Take out your Dough EZ,

3.) Make the best tortilla’s you and the girls will ever have!

Simple and EZ, right?! Dough EZ even gives you guides for rolling the perfect 9, 12, or 14 inch tortillas every time. Now all you need to do is follow the recipe and you’re golden (just like those tortilla’s after they’re done).

Click here for the Homemade Tortillas Recipe

See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? Of course it wasn’t, because with Dough EZ, everything is EZ-er. Now take those taco’s to the party and show off your inner chef! The whole room will be speechless, wondering, “What’s your secret!?”

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