Innovation Divaz- Dough EZ aired radio spot 3/3/15

Dough EZ®

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DEZ Housewares Inc. DEZ Housewares Inc. is a company started by the husband and wife team Bill and Brenda Byrne. The company’s primary focus will be to develop and market the new patent pending product, Dough EZ. This precision dough rolling system is a simple to use pastry mat kit that enables bakers of all skill levels to roll out dough to the perfect thickness while reducing or eliminating the floury mess from the rolling process. The product launched on 2/3/15. In a little over two weeks and with very little advertising, we have grossed over $20,000 in sales and are now selling and shipping Dough EZ® to over 14 different countries, worldwide.

Dough EZ® can be purchased for retail price of $39.99 through Use Promo Code: “inventiondivas” receive a savings of $10.00 off shipping.

Meet Brenda Byrne (in her own words) My husband and I previously worked in a service industry where personal attention to customers were in the forefront. With that being said, I would often send fresh baked cookies to customers as a way of thanking them for their business. Hand decorating cookies is one of my favorite hobbies. I loved to bake, but it was time consuming and messy. I wanted a faster, easier and cleaner way to prepare my favorite recipes. The idea evolved out of necessity. I would often use techniques of rolling my dough between two sheets of wax-paper or parchment and use rolling pin rings to get a perfect thickness to achieve evenly baked outcomes. These methods were less then desirable as they still used flour and clean up was still an issue. I tested and modified the materials I was using and came up with Dough EZ. I found that the design and method could be used while rolling out other dough recipes, such as pizza, pie crusts, and fondant for cakes. We now have a patent pending design and method for Dough EZ, the precision dough rolling system. I have been a avid baker since my youth. As a teen, I started my own home based business,selling confectionary novelties to local mom and pop stores, worked, managed a bakery while in high school, and also owned my own pie company back in the 80’s. My love for baking and determination to make it easier and faster to engage in my favorite hobby has led to the development of Dough EZ. I’ve also worked in the corporate world, where my husband and I owned and managed successful business’ that focused on customer service. We are eager to go forward to build a new company and brand.

Dough EZ – Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Thank you for all who participated in our successful Dough EZ, Kickstarter Campaign! We appreciate the support and help from everyone.

Below is the link if you would like to see additional information about  Dough EZ.


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