Guide Sticks

No more worries about misshapen dough or unevenly baked goods. The rolling process is simple and makes rolling dough to the perfect thickness easy. The Guide sticks primary function is to attain uniform thickness or proportions while preparing your favorite dough recipes.

Dough EZ pastry mat kit comes with 6 guide sticks. Two which are 1/8th inch in depth and four that are 1/4 inch in depth. Four guide sticks are notched and snap together to form a 9″x13″x1″ pastry frame. Pastry frame can be used for preparing no bake items or as a guide, when rolling out dough when a 1 inch thickness is needed.

  1. Simply place the guide sticks of the desired thickness underneath the mat. Guide sticks should be placed perpendicular to the counter top and an equal distance apart from each other, no greater than the length of your rolling pin. Please see photos. Guide sticks can be stacked to achieve a variety of thickness depths. For example. 1/2 inch thickness can be attained by stacking the two 1/4 inch thick sticks together for each side.
  2. Position mat on top of guide sticks to secure in place. At this time half of the mat should be covering the guide stick. Please see photo steps.
  3. Place prepared dough within the mat and fold left side of mat over to cover contents. Please see photo steps.
  4. Take rolling pin and roll on top of mat and guide sticks. It is best to start rolling the dough, from the center out. Push rolling pin back and forth until dough is flattened between mat and guide sticks at the desired thickness.
  5. Set aside the rolling pin and remove guide sticks. Slowly peel back top of mat. You may have to help start separating the mat from the dough along the edge. Any dough that had overflowed over the guide sticks should stick to the mat. Don’t worry this is common. You can incorporate the residual scraps together and reroll later.
  6. Once top of mat is peeled back. Place a piece of parchment or wax paper on top of dough. Fold top of mat back over the parchment and the dough and then flip the mat so that dough is now resting on top of the parchment.
  7. Slowly peel back the mat once again and you are now ready to cut dough into desired shapes or transfer to prepared baking sheets or pans. Please see photos.
  8. Repeat process as necessary. Note: Depending on your recipe, there may be some slight residual sticking of dough on the mat for the first rolling process. To remedy this, take scraps and run them across the mat and it will pick up these little pieces. If your recipe is extremely sticky or extensive sticking of dough to the mat occurs, then add a small dusting of flour to the rolling process as needed.

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