DoughEZ to Premier Cookie Crafter’s Mystery Box

Baker’s Craft Box will Premier Sept. 3rd

What better way to celebrate our love for baking and creating than to honor those who have inspired us to make those amazing hand decorated sugar cookies.

Treat yourself or your favorite baker to this extraordinary mystery box. This Cookie Crafter’s Specialty Box will Premier at the Ultimate Cookie Convention

Cookie Crafter Mystery Box

CookieCon is the largest gathering of cookie artists in the World.

Festivities start September 1st – 4th.

The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

9939 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819


From  Andrea Walter’s Keynote speech to the Miracle Twins- Corrie and Heather of Sugar Cookie Marketing closing remarks, you will not want to miss a thing!




DoughEZ is proud to be hosting Mix & Mingle Event. Friday Night – 8-10

Join us as we Reveal the Contents of our Cookie Crafter’s Specialty Box.

Not your ordinary baking kit, this subscription box will bring specialty items that were carefully curated with Bakers and Makers in mind, directly to your home. Created for the home- artisan baker and maker who get inspired by simple recipes & crafted projects.

Each Baker’s Craft Kits will include:

  • Premium bakeware and project tools
  • 1-2 recipes or crafted projects
  • product related samples, key ingredients
  • special novelty gift items
  • items that were created, crafted or inspired by home bakers and artisans who have taken their talents to the next level.

We proudly support budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Join us as we feature many blossoming artisans, spotlight their business profiles, review new products, or  show case their project tutorials.

No matter where you are in your creative cookie journey, we hope that our Baker’s Craft Box will spark creativity and inspired you to do what you love.

The  DoughEZ Cookie Crafter’s Specialty box was inspired by the following Cookie Artists and Cookiers @ Heart

After graduating with honors from the University of Baja California Law School, she pursued a successful career for more than 19 years. However, something was missing in her life; The joy of being creative and bringing love and happiness to her family and others. She decided to act on this and in 2010 she returned to her artistic roots. Creating many types of crafts, (painting, ceramic, drawing, floral art, etc.) organizing events and baking was her true calling.

Carmen is a self-taught artist, and after perfecting her own techniques, she emerged with a deep passion for sugar creations. So, she chose to leave the stressful law career and give way to Inspiration’s by Carmen Urbano.

Eventually she became popular enough to start teaching cookie and fondant decorating techniques in renowned culinary schools of México and the U.S.A.

Carmen is recognized for her sweet, delicate style and detailed technique when painting and giving life to the eyes of the characters she creates and it’s reflected in her cookies; where the use of various textures, the careful choice of her color palettes and attention to detail, have captured the hearts of many around the world. She has won many cookie decorating awards, and her creations have been featured on national television networks such as; Food Network’s Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, Season 2 (2019).

Another of her passions is teaching. She loves to inspire others to develop their own talents and skills in her cookie decorating classes.

Carmen has said “Eat first with your eyes and enjoy with the rest of your senses. Eating is optional™”, She also said, “It’s hard to believe that an idea that started in Mom’s kitchen, and my tiny craft room has turned into an in-demand business, and made me the Sugar Artist and Cookie Designer I am today.”


SaraKay Hannel is the cookie dealer behind Fairytale Cookie Co. in Washington MO. She runs a brick and mortar bakeshop that is famous for custom hand decorated cookies and jumbo fun flavored drop cookies.

SaraKay started her cookie journey in spring of 2017 when she was bored with her day job as a lead pastry chef for a dessert cafe. Decorated cookies consumed her evenings and weekends and she took the leap to become a full time cookier just six months after making her first royal icing cookie.

Since then cookies have changed her life for the better. She has gained so many new friendships from this amazing community and feels like she has found her people. Cookies have also brought a bit of unexpected fame. You may recognize her from season 3 of the Christmas Cookie Challenge. But the biggest passion Hannel has about cookies is sharing the knowledge she has gained with others and being a kind and helpful resource for other cookiers and those who aspire to be cookiers.





In 2014 I opened up shop with stencils and eventually cookie cutters. In January of this year, LONG after Killer Zebras had taken over our home, we moved into a new shop with a retail store front! These days I spend my time coming up with new cookie designs, and do not nearly enough cookie decorating! I absolutely love coming up with new designs and fun ways to make other cookier’s jobs better and easier!



Sandra Segers is the owner and creator of The Frosted Swirl Bake Shop. Sandra has always loved creating and baking and 5 years ago those two worlds collided with the simple question from a friend “Have you ever thought of making those fancy

cookies?” The answer was a quick “No”….but she was curious.

Sandra scoured YouTube and became obsessed. In High School she had a job in a bakery and would occasionally have to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on a cake so she figured this will be easy! You all know how wrong she was. With lots of failures, YouTube tutorials, and practice she’s a self taught cookier.

After moving to Kansas City, Missouri in 2015 a neighbor stalked her Facebook page. It took that one friend, who was a KC local that worked in a hospital with a police officer husband who seemed to know everyone in Kansas City. From that moment on she’s been steadily working creating cookies averaging 20 dozen a week.


Mik puts the “Mik” in Mik & Cookies, a colorful and magical cookie decorating dream that started at a Halloween party in 2017. But what started sm

all has flourished into something so much bigger and brighter than Mik could have ever imagined. Spending her days in sunny San Diego, CA, she spreads joy, shares inspiration, and wherever she goes, a bright rainbow is left in her tracks.

Along with creating online cookie courses, recipes, and cookie cutters, you can typically find Mik making her favorite thing: a colorful cookie puzzle. From her various CookieVilles to her funky puzzles, Mik really enjoys finding ways to connect cookies! You may have seen her Cardinal puzzle when she competed on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2020. She’s all about good vibes and finding ways to make cookie decorating enjoyable, colorful, and fun. Come see what all the magic is about!


No – you’re not seeing double. We’re the Miracle twins – not because we believe we’re miracles

(despite what we tell our mom), that’s just our last name.

Heather has been working in the digital marketing space for over a decade, so you can say she knows a thing or two because she’s seen a thing or two. She loves all things websites, SEO, and copy.

From selling cars to selling home services, and now to selling cookies – they say Corrie can sell snow to Eskimos (wonder if they’re hiring?). Corrie also loves selling, psychology, and photography! (and cats)

Together Heather and Corrie offer “Sugar Cookie Marketing” – the best online resource for cookie bakers who are looking to rise with their reach, flood with new flowers, bake up new ideas, and make that dough!

Coming Up:

Bev’s Custom Bakery

Red Velvet Cookies & Baking Co.

CK Dreams Bake Shop






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