Going to CookieCon?

Can’t make it to CookieCon?



Packed with surprises, this Specialty Gift Box is filled with carefully curated treasures sure to be adored by all cookiers at heart.



Cookie Crafter’s Mystery Box is valued at over $95.00 retail

Pre-order to reserve your custom T-Shirt size and you’ll get it for just $65!


Limited quantities and limited time offer… so make sure you order now

Content designs will stay a mystery until Premier.

Here are just a few items:


• Exclusive Custom Designed T-Shirt • Cookie Baker’s Tool Kit • Baker’s Bling Novelty Items •

• and so much more •



Why a Cookie Crafter’s Mystery Box?

Premier Month- Inspired by Cookiers

What better way to celebrate our love for baking and creating than to honor those who have inspired us to make those amazing hand decorated sugar cookies.

We kick off our mystery themed boxes with this Specialty Gift Box