Baking Tips for Beginner Bakers

Follow these Simple Steps to Up Your Baking Game

The smell of the burnt cookies permeates the kitchen yet again and you still cannot contemplate the reason why you failed miserably. Or perhaps this time, the bread turned out to be too small. Baking isn’t as difficult as your disasters make it seem. Read the following tips carefully to transform your future baking endeavors into success and learn how to bake like a pro:

Preheat the Oven

Even before you start following the baking recipe, you should preheat the oven. This is to allow the temperature to become consistent by the time you are ready to place the batter in the oven. Batters and dough should be placed in the oven immediately. If the oven is preheated, you can immediately place the mixture inside as soon as you get done.

Do Not Trust the Temperature Gauge

You shall discover the true nature of your oven with a bit of trial and error experiments. Not all ovens are the same. The temperature may show you one value but in reality, the oven temperature may be different. This is why even after following a baking recipe you might realize that it takes longer for your cookies, bread, or cake to bake. Invest in an oven thermometer if you are serious about baking.

Keep the Oven Door Closed

It is understandable that as a novice you are too eager to discover the result, however, you shouldn’t open the oven to have a peek unless you want your baked goods to collapse. Additionally, do not keep the oven door open for too long when you are placing the item to be baked inside or else the heat will escape.

Tips for Rolling the Dough

  • Making the Dough

  • The trick to making the perfect dough is following a great recipe. Consider baking pies and pizzas like a chemistry experiment in a laboratory. Missing out a minor step could yield devastating results. This is why you need to follow an exceptional recipe. Mix the ingredients in perfect order to get flawless dough. Make use of appropriate measuring for all the ingredients in order to have accurate results.
  • Using a Rolling Pin

    Whenever you are using a rolling pin to roll the dough, make sure that the surface underneath is completely flat. The Dough EZ mat will give you a clean, non-stick, flat surface for working with your dough. You should need little to no flour when using the Dough EZ. The dough should be rolled into a ball and placed in the center of the mat. Flatten the dough with your hand first, fold over the Dough EZ mat then place the rolling pin over it. Using the guidesticks, press and feel the pin rotate as you push to roll out even dough every time. Roll the dough away from you in mild strokes and tart rolling from the middle and then move towards the corners.


Tips for Baking Cake

  • Get Air in the Cake

    Mix butter and cream really well until you notice that the texture has lightened in color. Doing this will increase the volume of the cake and allows the air to infuse properly. You shall get a lighter end product. Also, after you sift the flour into the mixture along with other ingredients, add air to make the mixture easily foldable. Balloon whisks are best for folding and do not create lumps either. Whisk lightly and not too vigorously as it will result in a dense cake because the air will be beaten out of the cake.

  • Do Not Use Cold Dairy Products

    If you want the baking mixture to emulsify properly, avoid using cold eggs and butter. Make sure all the dairy products are allowed to come at room temperature before you start beating the mixture. Place the eggs in warm water for at least ten minutes or run the butter in microwave for a few seconds if you are pressed for time.


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