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DoughEZ rolling system & bakeware were created from the love of baking and entertaining by Brenda Byrne, home baker turned product designer. I love to bake but struggled with finding the time for my favorite hobby while balancing a busy life of work, home, family, friends and entertaining.
When baking cookies, pies and pizza, I would have flour all over my kitchen and would often stress over the time consuming and messy process. Baking should be a JOY, not a chore! I knew there must be a better way. My patented DoughEZ rolling system was designed as the solution. DoughEZ rolling system is a must have for any kitchen
It’s a great new kitchen tool which helps make preparing all of your favorite dough recipes FASTER & EASIER by Eliminating the Floury MESS. Just think- Prepare everything from Breads, Cinnamon Rolls, Pasta to Pizza, Pies or Cookies, all within a fraction of time while making CLEAN UP a Breeze. The DoughEZ bakeware line was also designed with Todays Busy Lifestyles in mind. DoughEZ rolling system and bakeware are ECO FRIENDLY products made of high quality materials that are reusable and BPA/Phalate FREE. They offer innovative, economical, time saving solutions that have helped thousands of homebakers and professional alike prepare Better Baked Goods.
DoughEZ was chosen as a best new product by Rachel Ray, and appeared on The Great American Bake Show. We can be found, online, in specialty stores and have sold thousands to consumers around the World. Our Patented DoughEZ rolling system is a must have for any kitchen

My dream—is to show others how much fun it is to bake, cook, and create by sharing our products that offer a foolproof way to bake and share their fabulous creations while making food preparation faster and easier to clean up.




Our mission is to provide customers with quality home products that bring simplicity and basic designs into the kitchen. The company will include some very unique designs into its products, which will differentiate them from competing products. The patented DoughEZ rolling system will accomplish this by use ecofriendly materials and was design as a offer solutions that simplify food preparation. The company’s goal is to keep designs simple; yet have products function in the most efficient way to enhance its customers’ ease of use.


Prepare favorite recipes, Faster, Easier and without all the Floury Mess.

1. Using the Guide Sticks

Simply place the guide sticks of the desired thickness underneath the mat. Guide sticks should be placed perpendicular to the counter top and an equal distance apart from each other, no greater than the length of your rolling pin.

2. Prepping Mat

Position mat on top of guide sticks to secure in place. At this time half of the mat should be covering the guide stick. Then Place prepared dough within the mat and fold left side of mat over to cover contents.

3. Roll your Dough

Take rolling pin and roll on top of mat and guide sticks. It is best to start rolling the dough, from the center out. Push rolling pin back and forth until dough is flattened between mat and guide sticks at the desired thickness.confections.

DoughEZ Dough Rolling System


Dough EZ® is your simple solution for more tender and evenly baked goods. Our unique non-stick pastry mat and guide rulers eliminate the floury mess and stress of over worked dough. Prepare cookies, pies, pastries and more with this pastry mat kit. Roll out dough with ease and clean up is a breeze using our dough rolling system.

No Fuss, No Floury Mess*


Roll out dough in uniform thickness for perfect baked goods, every time. Dough EZ® Rolling System, Perfect for anyone who loves to bake. Flexible, Durable Non-Stick design, Greatly Reduces or Eliminates the need for excessive flour in the process. While its Non- Slip properties prevent slipping and sliding for EZ rolling.

Prepare Cookies, Pies, Pizza and so much more, Perfectly Every time!